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Limerick Website Design can help your brand promotion.

If you are seeking a new site, we can offer a Starter Website package

From a one page (brochure) website to a catalogue to online sales and online payments, we know how to create a website to your specification. Businesses, charities and local groups can all benefit greatly from having a website.
See our Portfolio for examples of our websites for local, national and international clients.
Professional, Creative Website

Our Services

At Limerick Wbesite Design, we can use existing designs or create one specifically for you. Whether you want an original design, a Wordpress template or a different template, tell us what you have in mind for your website. All discussions prior to agreeing on a specification are free and non-binding. All our dealings with you are confidential.


Our basic website, the brochure, comes in at €550. This is a one page website with details about yourself / your business, what you are offering, logo, header, contact form and active email and phone links.

Managing Your Site

Registering your website name (domain name), hosting your site and a security certficate are the administrative side to creating your website.
You can register your domain name here

Website Templates

Some design ideas to inspire you ...


Search Engine Optimization - we work with you to identify keywords appropriate to your website and to the audience you are aimning at. We submit all our websites to Google and can include Google Analytics at no extra cost if you so wish.
Ask us about what further SEO help we can offer you.

Video and Photography

At Limerick Wbesite Design, we do not offer a video or photography service. We can source photographs for you or we can include your own photographs. We recommend putting videos on YouTube, and linking them into the website.

Online Payments

We accept online payments. Our terms are a minimum €50 deposit or 10% and balance on completion. Depending on the size of the project, we may ask for one or more stage payments.

Starter Website

If you are considering your first website, keep it simple, use it to promote you brand name and business.
A Home page describing you and your business, what you are selling, and a Contact page.
What do the websites of your suppliers look like? Your customers' websites? Those of your competitors?

Brand Promotion

Brand Promotion

Customer Awareness

Link it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and anywhere else where you might find an interested customer.
Have an email for the website, e.g.
Will it be an .ie or a .com or a .eu website? Or something different?

Restaurants, salons ....
... Let your customers and clients book easily.

Online Bookings

Online Bookings

Show current availability
Accept deposits.

Online Payments

Online Payments

Paying for goods or services or even a taxi ...
... or a deposit for a restaurant or salon.
Make it easy and safe for your customer to pay.
We at Limerick Websire Design send a receipt with a unique number to your customer and yourself when the payment is successfully processed.
We do not charge you or your customer for this.
However the payment processor, e,g, Stripe or PayPal will deduct a small fee from you (not your customer).


Enable your customers to buy your gift cards for friends and family.
In this way, your customers are promoting your business, and they are getting that lovely feel-good buzz from giving.
And those who receive your gift cards may become customers as well.
eGift Card

Online Catalogue


Offer your products and services in an on line catalogue.
With a price list, a shopping basket and payment page, this is the compelete online shopping package.
We provide a secure backend where you can manage the online catalogue.

Check List

Check List

  • Why do you need a website?
  • Who is your website targetted at?
  • How will your target audience find your website?
  • How do you want your target audience to respond?
  • What will you call your website?
  • What do the websites of your competitors / customers / suppliers look like?

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