"Support the campaign"

Our "Support the campaign" website design can be easily adapted to support the campaign you are planning. You describe your group and why this campaign is important to you. Then, give more details on your objectives. During your campaign you can update your blog with what you have achieved so far and plans for the future. You can ask visitors to volunteer to give you support, to make a donation and to contact you directly. The contact page includes an invitation to enlist in your mailing list.

How to use our "Support the campaign" website

Email us at Limerick Website Design and we will be happy to help you get your campaign website designed and on the internet. Tell us about your campaign and why it is important. You can use the tabs we show you here, i.e.
  • Home Page (About Us)
  • Our Objective
  • Our Blog
  • Volunteer Your Support
  • Donate
  • Contact Us
  • Learn More
  • Get Involved
You do not have to use these tabs - we can remove those which are not for you. We can also add other tabs that you choose yourself.